Creating a league

You can create your own league of 4, 6 or 8 teams.
After creating your league, you can invite your friends to join it by sending them a link.
Note that you can only launch the draft once the league is complete.
You can still create leagues after the beginning of the FPL, but your scores will only be calculated from the following week.
You can use your league’s voicemail to decide draft time with your friends.

Join a league

Did someone invite you to join his league? Click on the league, name your team, then wait for the league owner to launch the draft.

Draft your team

To create your team of stars of the FPL, you will have to participate in a draft: your opponents and you will each choose your turn of the players
The positions to be filled are as follows: :
7 holders :
1 jungler
1 AD carry
1 support
1 joker (an additional holder; can play any position)
1 team (like Dignitas or Fnatic)
3 alternates.

You can’t have more than 2 players for the same position (you can’t draft 3 mids or 3 teams). You earn points each week based on the performance of your holders. See below for more information on scores.
During your turn, you have one minute to select a player. In each round of the draft, the order of selection changes: from the first manager to the last, then from the last to the first, and the alternation begins again. If you want to know more about how the draft unfolds before it starts, logs in to your league and checks out our tips to familiarize yourself with the draft screen. You can also tell when you want to launch your league draft. Don’t forget that the draft can’t start until your league is complete.

Manage your training

Every week, you can change the players who are on your roster. Who’s in great shape, who’s got a tough game? Your success will depend on your decisions. Once the games begin, your roster for the week is locked and you can start changing your roster for the next week’s games.

Add / free players

Want to recruit a rising star? Players who have not been drafted are placed in the list of free agents, and you can trade your players for those free agents. The exchange will be taken into account in your next unlocked training.

Eligibility for posts

As the season progresses, some players may change positions. They can then be used in Fantasy FPL in any position they have played at least 3 games and they will keep this right throughout the season. As far as the maximum number of players per position is concerned, players eligible for several positions will count only for the position with the least number of players (if you have 2 mid, 1 jungler and 1 mid/jungler, the multiplayer will count within the jungler limit).


Find out how your players cope with the competition and watch the games to see your score increase. Don’t miss a crumb from the FPL if you want to find new talent, put your players in trouble on the bench and support your team as best you can.

Score points

Every week, your team will be up against another team in your league. Teams will earn points based on the performance of their incumbents. Substitutions do not earn points.