Latest Football News about Your Favorite Team

Welcome Red Devils!

If a game that you could call the best exists, it is football. If there is a team loved by everyone in the world, it is Manchester United. ManU fans should be crowned as most passionate supporters in the world. According to Forbes, this club has over 650 million supporters all across the globe. Think about it! About 10% of the world’s population thinks that this club is awesome! Here you can read the latest news concerning everyone’s favorite soccer team, as well as professional sports betting tips. We will also direct you to where you can find the latest casino promos that will allow you to place bets for free.

Manchester United: All You Need to Know

Manchester United Football Club was founded in 1878 but was named Newton Heath LYR FC. In 1902, owners made a wise decision and moved to a new stadium, Old Trafford. During its 141-year long history, the club amassed a spectacular collection of trophies including 21 FA Community Shields and 20 League titles. Name a more decorated club. We dare you!

Latest football news now talks about club’s solid performance during the 2017-18 season when they managed to take the 2nd place as well as exciting roster changes like adding Lee O’Connor, an up and coming talent. He is 19-years old and has enough energy to keep the whole stadium entertained! Man United latest results suggest that we should expect a strong showing in the Champions League.




Today, Manchester United is the most valuable football club with a yearly revenue close to $890 million in 2017. The club makes real money for its fans who enjoy sports betting. Some of the best UK casinos can brag about their high revenues thanks in part to passionate fans who love to bet on their team to make every match exciting!

Football today

We all love tracking exciting events in the world of football. Mind-bogglingly expensive transfers, scandals, rivalries, and amazing plays — the latest football news is now full of great content. Manchester United regularly excites the football community. If you are a fan of fantasy football (or fantasy soccer for Americans), you need to know the freshest news.



Juan Manuel Mata Garcia, an attacking midfielder from Spain, received a new offer from MU according to comments made by his father. This is good news for people who enjoy his supportive playstyle and impressive ball control technique. He is not someone who scores a lot, although he netted 32 league goals during his MU years. Sadly, he is also considering other options since several Champions League teams also expressed their interest in this talented player.

You should take note of the Academy roster that features upcoming talent available to MU at any given moment. Their research shows that new players regularly score for the team during important matches. Dylan Levitt, Mason Greenwood, Largie Ramazani, Ethan Laird, and Brandon Williams — these are names you should remember right now. They are most promising Academy players who, according to historical data, can become superstars. Make sure to use the player statistics on our site next time you place a sports bet to ensure you make the right prediction. And remember to grab a bonus and place wagers free of charge. The incredible deals from will surely come in handy.

Talking about youngsters, the head coach of MU Ole Gunnar Solskjaer praised Scott McTominay whose recent showings were very productive for the team. This player has all the necessary skills and opportunities to become one of the most impactful talents in the MU’s roster.

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Fantasy Football 101

Fantasy Football is a perfect way to entertain yourself and make every match more exciting. It is also a great form of friendly competition between friends and coworkers. Recently, many people started betting real money. Some even manage to begin careers of their fantasy sports success.

Here are basic rules and tips for Fantasy Football:

  • You pick a team of 8-15 players (you can choose anyone from the whole league).
  • These players earn you points based on their performances.
  • Score as many points as possible to win in a fantasy league.
  • Pick consistent players and make sure that you follow the latest football news now and always!

You can play fantasy football even in an online casino that features fantasy sports. Huge companies run their fantasy leagues. ESPN, MLS, and also Manchester United have their own fantasy leagues where you can test your skills without risking real money. You can find top offers at – the best casino for French players. Besides the lucrative bonuses, you get to enjoy the wide variety of casino games and betting on fantasy sports as well.

Statistics show that UK citizens love sports betting and fantasy sports in particular. Over 18% of all brits tried online betting. Over 48% of all citizens bet on sports monthly. The industry is hugely popular amongst all demographics. Why haven’t you join this army of MU fans who support their team in fantasy leagues?