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Here at Man United Latest we are passionate about delivering the best Manchester United news and blogs to our visitors, fast.
If you have a quality site or blog that publishes stories about Manchester United, we would love to feature your content on the site.

Why add your site?

Well, our site features nothing but Manchester United news stories. If your website produces stories about the club, adding your site to our aggregator can send you hundreds of highly-targetted visitors to every story you post.

Once you have read the following, please use our contact form to send in a request to be featured.


In order for us to feature your stories on the site, you will need to provide us with an RSS feed dedicated to stories about Manchester United. If you publish only stories about Manchester United we can use your main site feed, but if you have a more general site we should be able to use a category or tag feed from your site. If you’re not sure about this, send us an email anyway and we shall try to accomodate you.

If you meet the criteria to be featured on the site, we will add your RSS feed to Man United Latest and will begin crawling your posts. Every time you publish a new post on your site, we will syndicate the title and a short excerpt of the post (up to around 800 characters) with a link back to your original post.

In return for featuring your posts and sending you our highly targeted visitors, we do require that you display a badge or a prominent link back to us on your site. You can find the HTML code for our badges and ways to link to us at the bottom of the page.


While we hope to welcome as many bloggers as possible to our service, we believe very strongly in providing only the highest quality content and the very best browsing experience to our visitors. Therefore we require that all bloggers can meet the following criteria in order to be featured on the site :

  • All posts in the feed you provide must be relevant to Manchester United.
  • Posts should be of high written standard and must be unique to your site. (Not published in full on any site other than the one we feature).
  • Your site should load quickly and should not have pop-up advertisements, excessive advertising or other spammy things.
  • No duplicate stories – Each post should only appear once in the feed.
  • If possible, you will have a fast-loading version of your site for our mobile visitors.