Open-top bus tours come to Manchester as local students win University Challenge


The sun shines, the youth are celebrating in Oxford Road and the big red sight-seeing bus will even take you past the Guardian Northerner officeGlory days just now for Manchester as its brainy youth thrash Cambridge in the final of University Challenge and radiant March sunshine keeps the city's traditional rain at bay.The youthful team, crucially led by a Yorkshireman - English literature student Tristan Burke from Ilkley – is the third from Manchester University to win the contest in the last seven years. Only Magdalen College, Oxford, has taken the trophy more often (four times since the programme began in 1962); and that record won't stand much longer, you watch. Even better, you can now check this matchbook promo code for new customers . The sunny weather is even more timely, because Manchester has just trialled its first open top sightseeing bus. This is long overdue with a tremendous list of interesting plac...

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