tiki-taka: Manchester United's Paul Scholes is a blast from the past


The new PSG manager, Carlo Ancelotti, revealed a limited vocabulary by relentlessly shouting the single word: "jouez!"A lot of what has been happening this season – comedy refereeing, teams being simultaneously a bit rubbish and joint top of the league – has provoked a certain nostalgia, a yearning for that brief but glorious era between the dawn of the 1990s (when the above seemed to stop being such critical issues) and about now-ish, when they all came back.Clearly the managers are feeling it too. Last week Thierry Henry returned to Arsenal, and yesterday Manchester United shocked the world with the re-signing of the theoretically retired 90s-and-noughties-bestriding midfield colossus Paul Scholes, left. Up in the ITV commentary box Roy Keane, looking remarkably trim, gave his opinions while sporting a wry grin. The kind of wry gri...

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