Sports quiz of the week: Manchester United v Liverpool, pies and literature


Who runs by the sea? Who needs a bonus? Who won at Old Trafford?The Winter Paralympics begin this weekend in South Korea. Which country topped the medal table in 2014?USASouth Korea Great Britain  RussiaRoger Bannister, the first man to run a four-minute mile, died this week. For how long did he hold the record for the fastest mile?46 days4 years13 years38 yearsWhich of these teams has not won a bonus point in this season's Six Nations?EnglandScotlandFranceIrelandWalesManchester has two representatives in the Champions League in City and United. Which city has two representatives in the Europa League?MoscowMilanLondonRomeWhy was footballer Sanchez Watt (briefly) sent off this week? Tripping up a ball boyPuncturing the ball with a studSaying his own name Breaking wind beside the refereeWhich former athlete won an Oscar on Sunday?...

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