Red Issue considers suing Greater Manchester police after confiscation


• Police confiscated 1,600 copies of Red Issue last month• Seized edition had spoof Ku Klux Klan mask on coverThe fanzine Red Issue is taking legal advice with a view to suing Greater Manchester police for damages following last month's confiscation outside Old Trafford of 1,600 copies of the edition that featured a spoof Ku Klux Klan mask with the legends "LFC" and "Suárez is innocent" on it.The first edition since the fanzines were seized goes on sale tonight ahead of Manchester United's Europa League meeting with Athletic Bilbao, with Red Issue's owners trying to establish how the police's actions affected sales. This is one avenue any legal proceedings may explore.The police acted ahead of Liverpool's meeting with Manchester United on 11 February, the first time Luis Suárez had faced Patrice Evra following the former's eight-match ban...

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