Neymar: The Real Deal Or Overhyped Trickster?


The merits of football at the Olympics are much-debated, but one of its benefits is that it has given us (the European audience) a chance to see Neymar. The Brazilian youngster was, and still is something of a mystery to the majority of football fans this side of the Atlantic. We’ve heard that the 20 year-old from São Paulo state is already one of the world’s best. Needless to say, we were all very curious.
Neymar has been the biggest story in Brazilian football over the last two years. What makes this remarkable is that we’re living in an age in which more of Brazil’s best players are playing in the country’s domestic league than at any point since the mid-1980s. Due to the recent economic boom, and help from commercial sponsors, Brazilian clubs are now able to offer European-size wages, and so more Brazilians are electing to ply their ...

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