Mikaël Silvestre: I was happiest when I was playing at Manchester United


The former France and Manchester United defender on football, rum and the Latin way of lifeHello Mikaël. You're speaking at a scarily high-powered conference, the Doha Goals Forum from 10-12 December. What's that about? I'll be part of a group whose task it is to answer the question: how do we use sports to alleviate social challenges facing children and young adults?Crikey! I'm joining a group with different experiences. For me, I've got to bring in my experience going through the French system, and then also my experience on the ground with my charity.That'll be Schools for Hope. Can you explain what that's about? I started it in 2006 in Guinea, west Africa. Now we have five different schools, one in Niger, one in Laos, one in Haiti – which we opened last year – and the next one will be in Brazil. The idea is to bring children from very...

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