Match Reaction: United 4 – 3 Toon – Reds Move Seven Clear


Evra makes it 2-2
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Mariah Carey once sung a Christmas song called “All I want for Christmas”. Well all I want over this holiday season is the answer to one, very simple question.
Why, oh why does this team put us through torture this season?
I suppose the answer is very simple at the moment – our defending is atrocious. While it made an attacking game yesterday, we were cut open time and time again by a Newcastle team that were missing pretty much all of their creative players. There is something worryingly wrong at the back – why is this? Injuries? Indecision, over the goalkeeper for most of the season? Or just plain and simple individual errors? Who knows, but it is something that the boss has to figure out – it seems to me that he has become...

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