Manchester United still making up for Louis van Gaal’s expensive lost time | Paul Wilson


Few of the former manager’s costly signings succeeded at Old Trafford and many, like the Everton-bound Morgan Schneiderlin, soon found their careers in limboOne has to feel a little bit sorry for Morgan Schneiderlin somewhere along the line, even if the basic reason his move to Manchester United did not work out was because he could not prove himself a better midfield option than the 35-year-old Michael Carrick.United splurging all that money on Paul Pogba did not help either, though even with the world’s most expensive player in the lineup this season Carrick has still been getting the nod over Schneiderlin and José Mourinho was being somewhat economical with the truth when he suggested on Tuesday that he had been reluctant to agree a deal with Everton because the player could still have been an option at Old Trafford. Related: Louis van...

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