Manchester United face slow death if City turn the knife in FA Cup


More than the possibility of an FA Cup run is riding on this Manchester derby for Sir Alex Ferguson and UnitedWayne Rooney is overpaid and overweight, and fast becoming the most overrated player for club and country since David Beckham. Manchester United are heading the same way as Liverpool did in the 90s, and Sir Alex Ferguson and the owners are in denial about the club's shocking decline. Fergie cannot keep saying there is no value in the transfer market when his side have just been stuffed by a Newcastle team who picked up Demba Ba, Cheik Tioté and Yohan Cabaye for around the same amount he wasted on Bébé last season, or less than half the sum he spent on a goalkeeper he no longer appears to trust fully. And now for the good news. At least United do not have to worry about catching Barcelona any more. Working out how to beat Blackburn...

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