Man United star: I’m impressed with the new England… but they still need Wayne Rooney


“I think when a player like Wayne Rooney is fit then he is a very special player and he can make every team better,” he said.
“He brings something special to the team because he has got exceptional qualities so for me there is no question he should be in the team.”
Holland, who failed to qualify for the Euros, will play an experimental side tomorrow night with a number of experienced players injured or out of favour.
But the game will have a special meaning for Danny with a series of tributes to his former boss Johan Cryuff.
There will be pictures of the Dutch legend shown outside the stadium and in the 14th minute a picture of him will be shown on the big screen, with Cruyff famously wearing the number 14 shirt.
Danny said: “He was very important for my career because when I was 25 he was the manager of Ajax and he transferred me from ...

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