Is David de Gea’s time up at United?


When you think back to the start of last season when de Gea made his premier league debut away at West Bromwich Albion, it was clear that there was something about the goalkeeper that showed great potential. However, he appeared shaky and nervous and it was clear there was room for improvement for the 21 year old. He seemed to almost ‘flap’ at the ball when it was in the air and there was always a little something missing. With his age being only 21 and making premier league starts for Manchester United it is understandable that the team would stick with him and allow for him to grow and improve. 18 months later, and it seems as if de Gea’s time could well be
The same weaknesses are still as evident as they were from debut. He is still weak in the air, he seems to struggle dealing with balls in the six yard box and...

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