Football transfer rumours: Robert Lewandowski to Arsenal?


Today's piffle is a fan of turkey in AugustPoor Brendan Rodgers. He went to all the trouble of posing for a photograph under the newly rehung 1970s This Is Anfield sign, wielding a claw hammer, the none-too-subtle subtext being "be reasonable, journalists, you abject shower, or you may find me coming at you in an abrupt fashion at businesslike speed with this", but already they're starting to twist the poor bugger's words. All he said was that Andy Carroll's a "very good player", and that he's going to wait a while before making any major decisions about his squad. But suddenly the faithful, honest, hard-working beast of England is being linked with West Ham United, Fulham, Milan, and Alfred Simmonds of Willingdon.Or are the press right? Has he been bundled into a large closed van with lettering on its side and a sly-looking man in a low-...

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