Football transfer rumours: Cristiano Ronaldo to City, United or PSG?


Today's fluff can't believe your song is gone so soonCristiano Ronaldo is full of woe. From this we can deduce that he is Wednesday's child. Or that the wordly superstar is about use his fame and fortune to help intensify efforts to find sustainable solutions to disease, injustice and poverty, the trio of evils whose existence claws at Ronaldo's soul and fuels his melancholy. What's that? Reports say Ronaldo is sad because Real Madrid won't give him a pay hike? And that he wants that pay hike so he can treat himself to ever more cars and skimpy pants? Why, has he found out that Lionel Messi has a skimpier pair? Cripes, it's a race to the bottom … and up it.Paris Saint-Germain want to bring Ronaldo some cheer. Word is the club's crazily rich Middle Eastern owner's have got wind of the player's sorrow and, according to Maxifoot, are prepari...

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