Everton 1-0 Manchester United | Premier League match report


This was merely the start of the new season for these two clubs yet Everton and Manchester United performed with an intensity that suggested this entire campaign hung in the balance. The visitors lost to a goal from a rampant and excellent Marouane Fellaini while striving with every sinew to deny the hosts.There will be a spate of accolades for the scorer, yet the occasion epitomised the virtues of the squad and indeed club that reflect the outlook of the manager, David Moyes. Everton would not succumb and, for all the force of United, carried some menace of their own for the majority of the match .Towards the close Everton did sit deep. It often proves an unwise policy against these opponents but they continued to deny United despite all the talent in the ranks. Robin van Persie, the new acquisition from Arsenal, was eventually brought o...

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