Academic Achievement: The World’s Best Soccer Schools


We all have to start somewhere. Your beginning will define your future. For professional footballers, the same rules apply. They all have to start somewhere. Whether it’s from the humble surroundings of non-league a la Chris Smalling or by exploding into the limelight with a Rooney-esque wonder goal, each and every player has to make his own way into the huge and, occasionally forbidding world of professional football. It’s not easy. Several thousands fail to make the grade, falling by the wayside. Their dreams shattered. But that’s just part of the process. It’s a harsh world. You have to be the best. You have to stand out, make your name known. The academy is the route into the modern game. A starting point, a mere stepping stone for the special few, the naturally gifted, the exceptionally talented. The academy is where it all kicks o...

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