5 Things We Learned From Swansea City vs. Manchester United


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Swansea deserved it?
Sir Alex claimed after the game that United ‘battered’ the opponents and did not deserve to lose the game. Statistically, this might be correct as United had 20 attempts on goal, 2 of them hit the woodwork and several blocked on the line. Having said that, the poor first half and lack of quality in the final ball was imminent and when United kept the pressure on Swansea, they made sure, they defended well. Swans put a great effort to make sure they got a point out of this with 14 tackles and 21 clearances. United’s luck had to run out at some point and they’ve had their share of the luck this season already, a point well deserved for Swansea.
Carrick and Cleverley dominate!
It was good and encouraging to see Carrick and Cleverley put in another good shift and both dominated the game in their areas. With both h...

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